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10 Money Mistakes Millennials Should Avoid

Many millennial households are on their way to building substantial wealth. They are saving 20% or more of their paychecks, investing in 401(k) accounts, and keeping their debt levels low. But others, even those with good educations and solid careers, are making financial mistakes. And some are making them over and over, digging a hole from which it may take years to climb out.

6 min read

Catch the Spirit: Start Your Own Business!

One of the cornerstones that helped build America is the opportunity for free enterprise. While successive generations of Americans have been following the spirit of their forefathers by building their own businesses, the recent and continuing downsizing of corporate America has produced a new wave of aspiring entrepreneurs.

2 min read

Helping Young Adults Understand Insurance

Young adults starting out in life, especially newlyweds, need insurance. But what kind? As a start, a good term life policy likely is a smart move. Other types of insurance may not be. And as they age, what other varieties of coverage make sense? A good deal of misunderstanding surrounds insurance protection planning.

3 min read

Customizing Life Insurance with Policy Riders

When many people consider life insurance, the first thought that usually comes to mind is, “How much is enough?” However, there are other aspects of life insurance policies that can provide important benefits. For example, riders essentially allow policy owners to give themselves and their beneficiaries’ added protection if certain events happen. Among the surprisingly large number of riders that life insurance companies offer, one of the more frequently utilized is the “waiver of premium.”

2 min read

A Short Course in Whole Life and Term Life

When faced with the wide range of life insurance coverage available, you may wonder what type fits your needs now and what coverage you should consider for future needs. A good first step is to look at two basic types of insurance coverage: whole life and term life.

3 min read

Manage Debt Wisely

Regardless of whether the economy is weak or strong, it is important to manage your personal debt wisely. One way to get a handle on debt is to distinguish between “good” debt and “bad” debt. Good debt refers to borrowing in order to buy assets that are likely to appreciate in value, such as a home or business. Good debt may become even “better” if you are able to itemize certain repayments, such as home mortgage interest on your tax return and, as a result, qualify for certain tax deductions.

2 min read

Financial Management: Charting Your Course

Mastering money in our society is not a simple task. Making sound financial decisions requires knowledge of investments, taxes, risk management, estate planning, pension benefits, and other areas--coupled with an understanding of how these elements interrelate. In addition, an often overlooked but important consideration is being consistent concerning the decisions you make.

3 min read

Asset Protection at a Glance

In this litigious society, where it is not uncommon for citizens to sue each other over the most trivial of issues, people are rightly concerned with becoming the target of a lawsuit. This is especially true for those whose jobs place them in the contentious business world and workplace.

2 min read

When to Call Me: Times to call your financial advisor

Most of us go to see professionals when we’re in trouble or during times of crisis. Think about it. We go to the doctor when we’re sick. We go see a lawyer when we have a pending legal matter. We go see a counselor when we’re feeling depressed.

4 min read

Family Business—Laying the Groundwork for Success

Is your growing business still a one-person operation? As your company continues to grow and the workload increases, it is easy to find yourself wearing too many hats and not having enough hours in the day to accomplish everything that needs to be done. At such a turning point, many small business owners turn to their families for help.