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Origination Fee

A commission-based fee charged by some lenders to cover the cost of processing the loan. For personal loans, the fee typically ranges from 1% to 8% of the total loan amount and is generally paid upfront.

Interest Rate

The amount charged by the lender for use of the funds, applied as an annual percentage of the principal amount. Interest rates on unsecured personal loans can be as low as 5% depending on the borrower's credit profile, income, and any existing debt.


The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) on a loan is the interest rate for a whole year. It is the percentage of the principal amount the borrower will pay over the course of a year, taking into consideration all interest, original fees, and any other fees. Loans are offered with fixed or variable APRs. The interest rate on a fixed APR personal loan will not change over the term of a loan, whereas the interest rate on a variable APR personal loan may change.

A personal loan could help

People often use a personal loan to pay off their debt in full. Here’s what your situation might look like if you used a personal loan with an estimated average interest rate to refinance your debts.

*This chart is for informational purposes only. Uplift Financial does not guarantee approval for a loan.

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